Monday, March 24, 2003

Give Me Strength
Well the idiot next door managed to get some garbage to the curb last week. Once again he neglected to break down a large pile of cardboard boxes, and so obviously they were not picked up. They sat on his curb until Sunday, when he apparently decided to just store them in his backyard until god knows when. The snow all melted, and I was suprised to see that the large cardboard box from his 52" television (which I thought he had managed to get rid of) is still there. I also saw him in his backyard with a friend the other day, gesturing towards the ground and the large tire ruts in the lawn. It does appears that he is planning on paving his entire backyard this spring. I'm guessing so that he can return to parking his car directly by his back door (saving that horribly long 50 foot walk every day). I'm going to wait until he is finished, and then call the city by-law inforcement office. A local bylaw states that a backyard must contain least 30% green space. This law is specifically to prevent people from paving over their entire backyard in order to fit in 3-4 parking spaces (or in this case since the idiot next door only has one car, just to park 50 feet closer to the back door).

Friday, March 14, 2003

Missed Opportunities
Well it seems my neighbour is too busy to even take the garbage to the curb these days. Last two weeks he missed garbage day entirely, and now there is a big pile accumulating against the side of his house. Thankfully it is still winter and below zero because if this was the middle of summer it would be damn putrid by now. In further developments, he doesn't even attempt to park his car in the backyard anymore (it gets stuck every time he tries) so now he is forced to park in the back alley. I also received an email the other day from someone claiming to be the producer of a new "reality" TV show where feuding neighbours compete against each other for the prize of winning a dream home. It sounds great, and I'd love to be involved, but they want people in Southern California and I'm up here in the frozen wasteland of Canada. So if this TV show actually makes it on the air please remember that you heard it here first. In other news, this site is now #1 if you search for "stupid neighbour" on google. We have arrived!