Monday, May 15, 2006

Michelle from Washington D.C. writes:

I completely identify with Stacey, however my neighbors live next door. She and her boyfriend have surround sound in thier townhouse. The speakers are next to my bedroom wall. I can hear every movie they play late until the early morning. I have left repeated notes under their door with no avail. I have contemplated calling the police, but god nows what that would unleash. My repeated letters to them have already left them a bit frosty in attitude towards me. Property management will not do anything. The bad thing is that I am a light sleeper, so it really annoys the hell ouf of me. I could always wait one night and reverse the tables on them. When they decide to retire for the night, turn my big speakers towards their apartment and crank it up. Then possibly they will appreciate my concern! Thank for letting me vent. : )