Saturday, April 02, 2011


I stumbled across an interesting article from an Australian newspaper today about large suburban homes being converted into backpackers hostels and the subsequent complaints from neighbours about endless parties, noise and filth. This issue has some striking similarities to the stories out of many large cities of what happens in the neighbourhoods immediately surrounding Universities and Colleges where often large homes are converted to student apartments. That being said even at the most notorious 'party schools' the students do settle down to study sometimes and I don't recall hearing about any stories where 32 people were living in a house with only two toilets.

Good news for sick pedophiles in Canada. It is still illegal to kill you in a rage of vigilante justice. Word of advice however is to not let your neighbour borrow your computer.

Finally, next time you are fuming about finding dog poop on your lawn courtesy of a neighbour's canine just be happy you don't live in rural Mississippi.