Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Graham writes:

Well, there I was surfing for help on bad neighbor’s and hit your spot. I don’t think my story compares with some of the stories I have read, but here it is. My shitty neighbor(s) are a white trash family living across the street. They are classic piece of shit neighbors with eight cars but all shitty and only three of which actually run. If a piece of siding blows off their house from wind they just leave it. Weeds? Forget about it. Lazy, you know it.

My bitch is with the Red Truck. A real beauty, this 1976 rusted out crap is parked across the street (right in front of my house). Why? I don’t know, they have always parked it there even when there is room to cram it in their driveway. They sometimes decorate this shitty truck with garbage in the back of it for up to four moths at time. This thing only moves about 4 times a year, why they keep it insured is a joke.

The problem is that it is legally parked and it is in driving condition, (it needs a boost everytime but otherwise). The law says if it is on a public street within 100 feet of the registered address and they are able to prove it is drivable then it is ok. How would you like a really ugly truck full of garbage bags and junk parked in front of your house?

Any ideas on how to get rid of this thing?

Ca1v1n replies:

I say disable the car in the middle of the night, then phone the cops and report it as abandoned junk. They will be forced to prove it runs but it won't. You could do something as simple as pulling the spark plugs or disconnecting the battery. Better yet grab the battery one night and run it down then replace it the next night. Disconnect the starter would be another option. How about unbolt all the tires. When the cops come and they start it up and try to drive it away all the wheels fall off. That would be classic.

Of course all of the above is vandalism and you could end up being charged criminally so I don't seriously recommend you do anything listed above. You could put a For Sale sign on it? You never know, perhaps some guy who likes to restore old trucks will ring their doorbell and offer then $500 bucks for it (and who knows they may accept).

Whatever happens, good luck, you'll need it!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Cassie writes:

My husband and I just bought our first house, and our neighbors are the WORST. The woman next door runs a day care, and not a licensed one. The children are HORRIBLE. It seems to me they are forced to stay outside all day. I once saw one of the youngest girls go into the house and heard someone inside yelling and she came back outside crying.

Our houses are both close to the property line, their car-port and part of their house is right on the property line. There is a strip of yard about 4 ft wide and 8ft long that belongs to us, and the children play on it. It wouldn't be a big deal except the children scream and hit the side of our house with objects (balls, wooden boards, etc.). The boys even drop their pants right outside our window and pee on our yard. All the grass in that area is now dead.

They leave trash in the yard, and we will find items like childrens clothing in our bushes. If they are outside playing when a friend or family member comes to our house, the children yell at them, and cuss at them while they are on my front porch waiting for me to open the door. They are loud, rude, and unsanitary.

I have a 4 month old daughter and I cant even put her in her room for naps during the day because they are so loud. I just don't know what to do. This is supposed to be a happy time for our new family. Our house is very nice, new siding, new roof, etc. The house next door looks like it is about to be condemed.

Once I did talk with the woman next door and she said she understood. She made the children pick up all the trash but that isn't good enough damn it! All our grass is gone on that side of the house and I still can't put my daughter in HER ROOM for naps. I can not handle those little boys pissing in the yard and on our house!

I'm not sure what to do now, I was thinking I could call SRS on the woman (and she would deserve it too, there are children out there in diapers with absolutly no supervision, except some older children that are mean to them and hit them constantly). If I could find out that they rent that house I could try to get them evicted but if they own the house, I just dont know what I am going to do. I fear calling the police becasue if they don't do anything it could just cause the children to destroy more of our property and be even louder.

Finally this tops the cake... Earlier I looked out and seen a cross dressing black man pushing a grocery cart full of trash up the ally and into their house with it! WHAT THE FUCK!!??? Please do you have any advice for me? I would be forever grateful.

Ca1v1n replies:

No doubt you have quite a situation on your hands. Little can be done about the noise (unless you can get the daycare completely shut down but as you mentioned that could backfire and make the situation worse). I'm not sure about the laws where you live but in Ontario (Canada) a daycare with up to 5 children can be run without any license from any residence.

At least the trash is picked up. Now as they say, good fences make good neighbours. Your best bet may be to now put up something (chain link may be ugly but its cheap and you can get it done in a weekend).

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Liz writes:

Speaking of shitty neighbors, WE HATE OUR NEIGHBOR.

She wears a different wig everytime we see her. Along with her sex call job she has a different guy and different group of friends every weekend. We can not figure out if she used to be a man or is just a very confused 34 yr old.

The only reason I know about her job and age is because when she first moved in we met her thinking she may be kind of normal. She plays music and sings at the top of her lungs on Saturday and Sunday morning. She has no respect for any of the three other tenants and smells like absolute shit. The hallway picks up the stale smoke and old lady perfume and our walls vibrate to 80's rock mixed with folk music. (The only thing worse then somebody still living in the 60's is somebody still living in the 80's - Editor) I hate her, I have asked her nicely to keep music down at 3am and 5am and she still considers herself above and beyond everyone. In reality she is just uneducated and slutty.

We want to call the cops but we live in Philadelphia, I mean will they really do aything? (Ask the members of MOVE about what cops can do - Editor) Our previous neighbour was a crack dealer and now this girl. It has been the worst 2 years of our lives.