Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Liz writes:

Speaking of shitty neighbors, WE HATE OUR NEIGHBOR.

She wears a different wig everytime we see her. Along with her sex call job she has a different guy and different group of friends every weekend. We can not figure out if she used to be a man or is just a very confused 34 yr old.

The only reason I know about her job and age is because when she first moved in we met her thinking she may be kind of normal. She plays music and sings at the top of her lungs on Saturday and Sunday morning. She has no respect for any of the three other tenants and smells like absolute shit. The hallway picks up the stale smoke and old lady perfume and our walls vibrate to 80's rock mixed with folk music. (The only thing worse then somebody still living in the 60's is somebody still living in the 80's - Editor) I hate her, I have asked her nicely to keep music down at 3am and 5am and she still considers herself above and beyond everyone. In reality she is just uneducated and slutty.

We want to call the cops but we live in Philadelphia, I mean will they really do aything? (Ask the members of MOVE about what cops can do - Editor) Our previous neighbour was a crack dealer and now this girl. It has been the worst 2 years of our lives.


Anonymous said...

I have an elderly peeping tom neighbor that watches me every chance he gets. He lays on his stomach on the ground next to the fences in my back and side yard and peeps through cracks, and annoys my dogs by throwing rocks at them, and raking his metal rake across the cement just when I get home, making the dogs bark, and if I take the dogs away from the side yard, he follows me around back and continues making noises so my dogs will bark and then they can't run and get exercise because of the noise ordinances. So I let them out late at night to play when it is dark so the neighbor won't bug them.

He parks in front of my driveway and stares at me when I clean out my garage, and he hears me open my doors to my car, beeps when it unlocks, and comes out front and stares at me. It is all very nervewrecking.

I suspect he is throwng rocks at my house at night because I hear them hit but do not see him do it. His wife egged my house, she admitted to it in the market one day and apologized. Someone poisoned my cat and I think my neighbors wife did, as her husband began giving treats to my cat even when I asked him not to, so the cat would go over to their house and his wife didn't like it.

It's a total nighmare. Then he came over and told me about the guns he has in his house, lots of them, and this really scared me. His wife went away for a few days and he asked me to dinner and I told him no way. I called the police after her kissed my bare shoulder that summer, and I told him to get the blank away from me and never come on my property again. This made him really mad so he put dead baby birds under my trash can and comes on my property at night so I fenced in my front yard and put up a camera.

The old man drives me nuts. All I want to do is to be left alone in peace. He likes me to get angry at him so I ignore him. I stopped going to my mailbox because he stands on his yard and stares at me making an ugly face. Now I use a P.O. Box.

Just found out he has colon cancer and is dying. Maybe my horror story will be over soon. I hope he doesn't take a gun and shoot me as he could take me out with him since he is dying anyway. Now I leave my car in the garage and unlocked so it will not beep so I can leave without him knowing - he scares me.

Anonymous said...

I hate my neighbor because I live in an old apt, and she is a DJ for a local radion station. Well, she plays the musicians music, and they come over and fuck her. I have to listen to her fucking all nite, the floor squeaking, and I hate her so much!!!