Friday, August 15, 2003

Neil V. writes...

Moron neighbor across the street, I personally can not stand my neighbor across the street. I live in a rural area but it's not like there is a lot of space between neighbors the lots average about 3/4 of an acre to 1 1/4 acre. The neighborhood is mixed of houses, trailers, and empty lots out in the desert which could be very nice if the neighbors would all take care of their junk. I live in a house and my retarded neighbor lives in a trailer.

I first started having a dislike to her when she would intentionally let her dog roam around on Friday night the day before garbage day. The dog would get into my trash (and other neighbors) spread it all over and drag it back to her property to review it's contents. She would not clean up the trash on her property and it would just blow all over. I would have to re bag what trash was left to take to the garbage truck. Finally one day a truck hit her dog and that was the end of it I thought. I though it was just the dog but she soon put a fence around her property and she would just let her own trash blow around until eventually sticking to her wire fence, what a mess it was like looking at a dump across the street. She also has a horse (actually 2 now) and does not dispose of the manure. The flies like the manure and now I currently have thousands of flies that camp out on my screen door, I can't even walk in the house. As soon as I kill the flies they're back within the next day and there's nothing attracting them to the door.

It is really making me very angry since I have a nice yard and I try to be a prudent neighbor but all my neighbor does is try to be a nuisance. She also used to have junk cars and other people living in adjacent trailer but was told to remove them from complaints. I wish I new who to complain about the manure. One time when I was on talking terms (not too long after I met her) I went to her door and met her boyfriend. When they invited me inside it reeked of cat pee I had to cover my nose it smelt so bad I'm not kidding.

Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Cheryl from California writes...

HI I wanted to send you an email to post, only if you are still doing the site.

We had a neighbour in California who left a huge pile of bricks , about 4x5 on his front lawn for about a year until he decided to finish the brick job of his front driveway. He was unemployed and could have done it any old time, but then he decided to move the bricks out into the street in front of our house. When asked to move them, he wouldnt. Then, his son was playing basketball out in the street and threw the ball at my sisters car, which broke the windsheid of her car. When we asked him to pay for it he refused and said something must have been wrong with the car in the first place!!! He then decided to start parking his jalopy in front of our house, which when asked he wouldnt move. He said the street is public property.

At my second house, I had a crazy ass neighbour who insisted she have her enormous american flags all over the front of the house, which was one on the corner that was overlapping into my yard. I nicely asked her to move the flag, and she went ballistic, and would not. I finally just moved the thing myself and put up with about 4 months of grief from her about moving it. She had about 6 flags covering her property, and it was somewhat of an eyesore. I do love the flag, but it was overkill.

At the same house I had a neighbour on the other side who , when one night my sister accidentally parked in her spot. It was the one and only time it had happened. My neighbour came out and poured elmers glue all over my sisters new SUV. The glue still would not come off. My crazy neighbour left a note saying, " this is a designated spot, do not park in it. " the audacity that someone would do that is mind blowing.

At one house in Los Angeles, I went out to the store, and left the door unlocked. I have a nice home in an upscale neighbourhood so I didnt worry. When I came home, I found my female neighbour in my bathroom using my toilet, as she said she had no toilet paper and needed to use it. Strange. We were not close personal friends or anything.

FYI California is so crazy I have YET to find normal neighbours who keep to themselves and are polite.

Living in My Car
Well I'm not really living in my car but it sure feels like it. Right now I'm staying in my brother-in-laws basement until I move into my new house on August 22nd. Hopefully I will have good neighbours and no problems. However, I might as well keep posting interesting stories on this site, so if you have a stupid neighbour story you would like to share go ahead and email it to me at

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

This is the end... only friend, the end. Yep thats it and thats all. I moved my shit out of the house last weekend. The new owners take possession on Wednesday. I'm now living on my brother-in-laws sofa and looking for a house near my new job. Just as I was leaving I talked to my neighbour next door, complemented him on how good his backyard now looks. He told me he now plans on laying interlocking brick over his front yard as well. Some people...

Friday, June 06, 2003

Suprise, Suprise
Well I got back from a business trip to Los Angeles and discovered something that actually suprised me. The dumbass next door actually did a very nice job of laying interlocking brick over his entire back yard. It actually looks pretty good, as long as you understand that his yard now totally lacks any kind of vegetation or greenery. I expected a shoddy job of uneven bricks sinking into the ground, cracking, half-completed, etc. Instead I find out that perhaps my neighbour is a brick-layer or works construction, because it actually does look good. Anyway, I'm off to Seattle for another business trip and don't even have enough time to cut my lawn, which is now about 3 feet high. The house sale closes on the 25th of June, so we are in the home stretch now. Greetings to everyone who continues to send me encouraging emails and sharing their own stupid neighbour stories.

Thursday, May 08, 2003

Pave The Earth
Well dumbass next door has decided to cover his entire backyard with interlocking brick. He had a pile of sand delivered last weekend, and had a bunch of people over helping him distribute it evenly all over his backyard. My first guess that he would never get to step 2 and his backyard would just become the worlds biggest litterbox. I was proven wrong when on Tuesday a truck pulled up with a big load of bricks. I'm not sure if he has gotten around to laying the bricks yet, as I have gone away for a few weeks on a business trip. I'll let you know what I discover upon my return.

Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Wrapped in Plastic
Well dumbass next door tried a new trick today. He wrapped a large cardboard box in plastic and left it on the curb. Suprisingly the garbage men actually did take it away. It would probably have been easier if he had just broken it down, but as long as it doesn't sit on his lawn for two weeks I don't really care. He also left a few mouldy old pairs of shoes, which were left behind and are now in a neat little row on his lawn.

Monday, April 28, 2003

Drifting Garbage
Well I spent all weekend working on my yard and exterior of the house, getting it ready to go on the resale market today. While I was cleaning up my front yard I thought for a second about cleaning my neighbours yard as well but then decided against it. When I looked out the window this morning I noticed a bunch of litter that was on his yard has now blown over onto my freshly cleaned yard. So out I go again to rake everything up. I'll probably have to do that every morning until the house sells.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

This is the end...
Well I landed a job in a different city and within a few short weeks I will be moving. I'll keep updating the site with stupid things my neighbour does for the next couple weeks but once I sell the house thats it and thats all. I'm going to buy myself a new home in the country, probably something like 5 acres in size. Hopefully I'll get lucky with my new neighbours, or at the very least they will be far enough away so as not to bother me. Thanks for your support everyone, its been great.

Friday, April 04, 2003

Freak Weather
Winter made a return visit yesterday, sudden drop in temperatures combined with freezing rain. The guy next door had to return to parking in the street since he would have been stuck in the backyard if he even tried. Suprisingly, he did manage to get his garbage to the curb on the proper day this week and it was taken away. Somebody give this guy a medal.

Monday, March 24, 2003

Give Me Strength
Well the idiot next door managed to get some garbage to the curb last week. Once again he neglected to break down a large pile of cardboard boxes, and so obviously they were not picked up. They sat on his curb until Sunday, when he apparently decided to just store them in his backyard until god knows when. The snow all melted, and I was suprised to see that the large cardboard box from his 52" television (which I thought he had managed to get rid of) is still there. I also saw him in his backyard with a friend the other day, gesturing towards the ground and the large tire ruts in the lawn. It does appears that he is planning on paving his entire backyard this spring. I'm guessing so that he can return to parking his car directly by his back door (saving that horribly long 50 foot walk every day). I'm going to wait until he is finished, and then call the city by-law inforcement office. A local bylaw states that a backyard must contain least 30% green space. This law is specifically to prevent people from paving over their entire backyard in order to fit in 3-4 parking spaces (or in this case since the idiot next door only has one car, just to park 50 feet closer to the back door).

Friday, March 14, 2003

Missed Opportunities
Well it seems my neighbour is too busy to even take the garbage to the curb these days. Last two weeks he missed garbage day entirely, and now there is a big pile accumulating against the side of his house. Thankfully it is still winter and below zero because if this was the middle of summer it would be damn putrid by now. In further developments, he doesn't even attempt to park his car in the backyard anymore (it gets stuck every time he tries) so now he is forced to park in the back alley. I also received an email the other day from someone claiming to be the producer of a new "reality" TV show where feuding neighbours compete against each other for the prize of winning a dream home. It sounds great, and I'd love to be involved, but they want people in Southern California and I'm up here in the frozen wasteland of Canada. So if this TV show actually makes it on the air please remember that you heard it here first. In other news, this site is now #1 if you search for "stupid neighbour" on google. We have arrived!

Thursday, February 27, 2003

Feedback & Stinky Boots
For some reason my neighbour left a stinky old pair of workboots out by the curb on Monday. I'm guessing they were either so stinky he couldn't wait 48 hours until garbage day, or he actually thought someone would take them home. Now, I'm not afraid to admit that in my time I did a fair bit of dumpster diving. When your a student and poor its the best way to furnish your apartment. We used to drive around the rich areas of town on garbage day and see what could be found. When I moved into my first apartment I found a beautiful round glass coffee table, two armchairs, and a bookshelf in one night. A few yards of nice fabric and a staple gun were all it took to cover the chairs, and the bookshelf and coffee table were good to go after a minor cleaning. That being said, I never pulled stinky old workboots out of the garbage.

On a final note I want to thank all the people who have been writing in about this site and sharing their stupid neighbour stories. When I have some spare time I'm going to create a few new sections and a will post all the pictures people have sent.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Stale Toast
I keep finding stale toast on my property. Yesterday I found a slice in my backyard, and today I found a slice on my porch. Now I'm quite sure I didn't put it there, so I can only assume my idiot neighbour did. I'm trying to think of the reason why. Could he be trying to feed the birds? Perhaps, but then you would think he would just leave the toast on his yard not toss it into mine. It could be one of his children. After all, they threw toys into my yard, why not stale toast? Or I could be completely paranoid and the stale toast is in fact left in my yard by squirrels who have pulled it from the garbage of a neighbour.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

My neighbour must be getting really frustrated and wondering why the garbage collectors keep leaving his stuff behind. You see, he still hasn't seemed to figure out that the recycling only goes out every other week. He continues to stuff one of his trash cans with cardboard boxes, which are ignored by the recycling crew (because they are not put out on the proper day... and when it is the proper day is mixed in with regular garbage) and then ignored by the garbage crew (becuase they will not place recyclable cardboard in the landfill). Two weeks ago the company that picks up recycling (both garbage and recycling are contracted out to different companies in my town) dropped off one of the grey plastic bins you are supposed to use for paper and cardboard recycling. Every home in the city gets one for free, and I guess they figured that if they dropped one off the idiot next door would actually use it. They obviously don't know he already has one of the containers, which I think he has turned upside down for use as a table on his back porch. Anyway, this bin sat out on my neighbours front lawn for probably 10 days. Eventually someone from a few doors down grabbed it and now he has two containers. They are kind of small and he has a big family I guess. At least he uses them. Just in case your wondering, the Christmas lights are still sitting in a pile on the front lawn, under a mound of snow.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Humungous Fungus Amongus
Just a quick post today as not much has happened recently so I'll just elaborate on the roof damage that is being done by the poor drainage due to my neighbour not cleaning out his gutters. The snow melted today and I was standing on my porch. I was able to see my neighbours roof quite clearly. He has moss (or mold, or lichen, or something green) growing between the roofing tiles. That just CAN'T be good.

Monday, January 13, 2003

Clean Your Freaking Gutters
Anybody who owns a house should know the importance of cleaning your gutters at least every two years. Some people clean them out every year if they live near tall trees (such as my neighbourhood). I don't think my stupid neighbour has ever cleaned out his gutters. I can tell from the ground that they are clogged up with leaves and debris, and are definately not draining out thru the downspouts properly. Every time it rains (or when the snow melts as it has been doing here recently) the water overflows from his gutters and pools on the walkway between our houses. During the spring and summer this is not a big deal, but in winter this water then freezes when the temperature drops overnight, resulting in the pathway between our houses becoming a dangerous patch of ice. Stupid neighbour doesn't realize the long term damage he is doing to his house by not taking care of simple things like this. However he is probably so stupid he never paid attention when people told him that improper drainage can cause serious damage to both your foundation and roof.

Tuesday, January 07, 2003

More of the same stupid shit...
Well I'm back from the Christmas holidays and stupid neighbour is back dumping garbage out on the wrong day. Funny thing is that this whole part of the country has been caught in a major winter storm. Lots of roads are closed, huge snowdrifts are piled up everywhere, cars are stuck in ditches, etc. My neighbour piled a bunch of garbage on his lawn sometime last week. My guess would be New Years Day, which would have been the regular garbage pickup day, except he is too stupid to realize it is a Statutory holiday. Anyway, the pile of garbage has been sitting there for about a week, but now its covered under about 3 feet of snow. You can't even see it, in fact you wouldn't even know a pile of garbage is under there unless you were familiar with how stupid this guy is. It really just looks like a 6 foot pile of snow on his front yard. If the snow does not melt by the next garbage pickup it will probably sit there another week.