Tuesday, January 07, 2003

More of the same stupid shit...
Well I'm back from the Christmas holidays and stupid neighbour is back dumping garbage out on the wrong day. Funny thing is that this whole part of the country has been caught in a major winter storm. Lots of roads are closed, huge snowdrifts are piled up everywhere, cars are stuck in ditches, etc. My neighbour piled a bunch of garbage on his lawn sometime last week. My guess would be New Years Day, which would have been the regular garbage pickup day, except he is too stupid to realize it is a Statutory holiday. Anyway, the pile of garbage has been sitting there for about a week, but now its covered under about 3 feet of snow. You can't even see it, in fact you wouldn't even know a pile of garbage is under there unless you were familiar with how stupid this guy is. It really just looks like a 6 foot pile of snow on his front yard. If the snow does not melt by the next garbage pickup it will probably sit there another week.

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