Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Evelyn writes:

Fuck do i hate my neighbour, but I hate his mother more! Let's begin with all the bad points of the actual neighbour.

1) He is a filthy pig. The garden is in disarray, with dog shit everywhere. I can sit in my front yard on a warm day when the sun is beating down on the poo, wafting beautiful smells my way.

2) He contributes nothing to society. He is a dole bludger, sitting on his lazy arse all day, doing nothing except doing and selling drugs. Really adds to the neighbourhood.

3) As mentioned above, his selling of drugs. People come and go at a rapid pace. They leave looking like they are in a different state of mind. People sit in their cars whilst he goes over leans through the window reaches in, stands up, places his hand in his pocket and then goes inside.... until an hour later when the next visitor comes.

4) He has a dog the cries from the moment he leaves until he returns. It would be ok during the day, because we are at work. However, it also occurs during the evening.


What a stupid woman, leaving her 21 year old son in her house. She pays the bills and he pays no rent. They bring food to him! She has to be as thick as dog shit to be unaware what her son is up to. We even tracked this woman down and tried to explain the situation to her but to no avail. The lip service was good but that was it.

Just wanted to moan because no one seems to care when you phone. You have to keep noise diaries or take down rego numbers with times. Seriously, I don't have the energy anymore.

Ca1v1n writes:

If your neighbour is seriously selling drugs you won't get him busted by calling the cops and saying something like "my neighbour is selling drugs". The cops will just think they have some small-time weed dealer and it is not worth their time or energy. Frankly that sounds accurate from your description.

If you really want to get this kid busted your best option is to call an anonymous tip in from a payphone across town. Phone the police main telephone # (not the emergency #, find out the main station telephone). Call and ask to speak to someone in narcotics. Don't take no for an answer, demand that they get you on the phone with a Detective from narcotics. Tell the detective that you have evidence that if they go to blah blah address and look under the loose floorboard in the kitchen (or something specific like that) they will find a large amount (say a specific but not ridiculous amount... like 1/4 lb) of crystal methamphetamine (or heroin or cocaine). I recommend crystal meth because its all the rage these days and has a fair amount of media attention. Cops will salivate at the chance of a major meth bust making the evening news.

The cops will stake out the house first. The short-stay traffic plus your tip will be enough to get a warrant. Just to remind you, when the cops bust him he will be out of jail that same day, so don't get your hopes up (because he will only have some weed and that really isn't serious). However, this may get the attention of his mother.

Just to clarify... the above is very mean and heartless and I do not encourage or recommend you do it.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Eastinurban writes:

I just need a suggestion, I have a neighbor that plays her music too loud. Christmas day the bass from her stereo knocked a picture off my wall. I hammer the picture back on the wall. You know what this heffier did? She called the apartment manager on me.

Now prior to this incident I have tried to ask her to turn it down but she just does not answer the door. I once called the police and again she did not answer the door. The she told my son she was going to dot my eye if the cops were called again.

Now I live in a predominantly black neighborhood and I am not black. I have however lived here 16 years. I never have had a problem like this! I have had my windshield smashed in, window broken and egged but never anything as annoying as this.

I know if I call the Police my tires probably will be slashed or worse. Management refuses to do anything about it what now what can I do. It is now April and I don't know what to do.

Ca1v1n replies:

I would think your best bet is to play similar music. If she is playing hip-hop then break out some serious gangsta rap. How about Dr. Dre's 1992 classic 'The Chronic' which should be in the collection of every white person in America? Buy yourself a Raiders cap and some baggy khakhi pants (make sure they have a cuff and a crease).

But seriously... I once had a neighbour who was always complaining about my music. I tried to be slightly respectful, keeping the volume down after 11pm and I never really cranked the stereo unless they were at work.

One day I was listening to the new Eminem album at top volume. It was during the day, I knew he was at work because his car wasn't in the parking lot out front of the building. Turned out his girlfriend (or the ho' from the night before at least) was still in his apartment. She knocked on the door and complained about the music. I turned it down. She knocked again and complained. I thought she couldn't be serious so I questioned how loud could it possibly be? She invited me into their apartment and I must admit I was suprised, the sound was louder then I thought it would be.

So my suggestion? Next time she is cranking the music invite her over to your pad. Be nice about it. Have her sit down on your couch and show her how difficult it is for you to watch Dancing with the Stars with the sound coming thru the wall. Take this time to get to know each other and bury the hatchet (I recommend a nice blunt to ease the tension). The whole point is that you want your neighbour to think twice before they crank their stereo the next time.

Bonniesqueak writes:

The people who live above us are the worst! During the day when the apartment manager is here, it isn't too bad, but as soon as she leaves watch out. The noise starts at 4:01. It sounds like a sofa being dropped on the floor over and over again.

Then the exercising, jumping jacks and running in place. She must weigh 300 pounds. Then it's singing along with the stereo. It quiets down for awhile after that. Then pacing from living room to bedroom for at least 30 mins. At bath time the shampoo bottles are dropped in the tub, then after she has to run to the bedroom again. Now it's time for company. They all start laughing & talking over each other.

About 10:30 it gets quiet and at 11:00 he comes home. Now there is an argument, doors slam, they stomp from room to room, argue some more. At about 6:00 am they shut up. When we (the other neighbors & us) complained to the manager, they said it had to be the people on the 3rd floor

Monday, April 02, 2007

Kathryn writes:

The woman who runs the management office for my building hired her brother to be our landlord last year. I caught him smoking in the building and then leaving the door open and unattended. He thought that would get rid of the smell. I confronted him politely and he was an idiot. Mind you he won’t talk to me anyway because I’m woman and what the hell do I know? I wrote to the office and I guess they gave him crap. There is a law about smoking in common areas of a building. Leaving the door open is a security issue.

Then he allows some idiots like himself to move in under me. They are loud and stupid. I haven’t seen them because they never leave the apartment!

Another time he went into my place without telling me about it first. I called him and he admitted it but was very condescending. When my boyfriend is over the landlord will address him even though I’m the tenant. It’s actually fun to stand up to him because he doesn’t know anything about the law.