Friday, August 15, 2003

Neil V. writes...

Moron neighbor across the street, I personally can not stand my neighbor across the street. I live in a rural area but it's not like there is a lot of space between neighbors the lots average about 3/4 of an acre to 1 1/4 acre. The neighborhood is mixed of houses, trailers, and empty lots out in the desert which could be very nice if the neighbors would all take care of their junk. I live in a house and my retarded neighbor lives in a trailer.

I first started having a dislike to her when she would intentionally let her dog roam around on Friday night the day before garbage day. The dog would get into my trash (and other neighbors) spread it all over and drag it back to her property to review it's contents. She would not clean up the trash on her property and it would just blow all over. I would have to re bag what trash was left to take to the garbage truck. Finally one day a truck hit her dog and that was the end of it I thought. I though it was just the dog but she soon put a fence around her property and she would just let her own trash blow around until eventually sticking to her wire fence, what a mess it was like looking at a dump across the street. She also has a horse (actually 2 now) and does not dispose of the manure. The flies like the manure and now I currently have thousands of flies that camp out on my screen door, I can't even walk in the house. As soon as I kill the flies they're back within the next day and there's nothing attracting them to the door.

It is really making me very angry since I have a nice yard and I try to be a prudent neighbor but all my neighbor does is try to be a nuisance. She also used to have junk cars and other people living in adjacent trailer but was told to remove them from complaints. I wish I new who to complain about the manure. One time when I was on talking terms (not too long after I met her) I went to her door and met her boyfriend. When they invited me inside it reeked of cat pee I had to cover my nose it smelt so bad I'm not kidding.