Thursday, February 27, 2003

Feedback & Stinky Boots
For some reason my neighbour left a stinky old pair of workboots out by the curb on Monday. I'm guessing they were either so stinky he couldn't wait 48 hours until garbage day, or he actually thought someone would take them home. Now, I'm not afraid to admit that in my time I did a fair bit of dumpster diving. When your a student and poor its the best way to furnish your apartment. We used to drive around the rich areas of town on garbage day and see what could be found. When I moved into my first apartment I found a beautiful round glass coffee table, two armchairs, and a bookshelf in one night. A few yards of nice fabric and a staple gun were all it took to cover the chairs, and the bookshelf and coffee table were good to go after a minor cleaning. That being said, I never pulled stinky old workboots out of the garbage.

On a final note I want to thank all the people who have been writing in about this site and sharing their stupid neighbour stories. When I have some spare time I'm going to create a few new sections and a will post all the pictures people have sent.

Thursday, February 13, 2003

Stale Toast
I keep finding stale toast on my property. Yesterday I found a slice in my backyard, and today I found a slice on my porch. Now I'm quite sure I didn't put it there, so I can only assume my idiot neighbour did. I'm trying to think of the reason why. Could he be trying to feed the birds? Perhaps, but then you would think he would just leave the toast on his yard not toss it into mine. It could be one of his children. After all, they threw toys into my yard, why not stale toast? Or I could be completely paranoid and the stale toast is in fact left in my yard by squirrels who have pulled it from the garbage of a neighbour.

Saturday, February 08, 2003

My neighbour must be getting really frustrated and wondering why the garbage collectors keep leaving his stuff behind. You see, he still hasn't seemed to figure out that the recycling only goes out every other week. He continues to stuff one of his trash cans with cardboard boxes, which are ignored by the recycling crew (because they are not put out on the proper day... and when it is the proper day is mixed in with regular garbage) and then ignored by the garbage crew (becuase they will not place recyclable cardboard in the landfill). Two weeks ago the company that picks up recycling (both garbage and recycling are contracted out to different companies in my town) dropped off one of the grey plastic bins you are supposed to use for paper and cardboard recycling. Every home in the city gets one for free, and I guess they figured that if they dropped one off the idiot next door would actually use it. They obviously don't know he already has one of the containers, which I think he has turned upside down for use as a table on his back porch. Anyway, this bin sat out on my neighbours front lawn for probably 10 days. Eventually someone from a few doors down grabbed it and now he has two containers. They are kind of small and he has a big family I guess. At least he uses them. Just in case your wondering, the Christmas lights are still sitting in a pile on the front lawn, under a mound of snow.

Saturday, February 01, 2003

Humungous Fungus Amongus
Just a quick post today as not much has happened recently so I'll just elaborate on the roof damage that is being done by the poor drainage due to my neighbour not cleaning out his gutters. The snow melted today and I was standing on my porch. I was able to see my neighbours roof quite clearly. He has moss (or mold, or lichen, or something green) growing between the roofing tiles. That just CAN'T be good.