Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jesse writes:

Well I live in a decent enough apartment, good location. I moved in around 4 months ago on a Friday. That night the lady next to me blasted the music all night. It sounded like her speakers where right next to my head, well no big deal it was a Friday but it has been an everyday and every night thing since. People (men) always coming and going all hours of the night with a fight at least once a week, its like a bunch of dogs fighting over a piece of meat!

When she decides to leave the house and people come knocking and she don’t answer they end up knocking on my door and I don’t even know these losers. I answer the door to some dead head wondering if I know where she is, give me a freaking break! I even had one guy come looking for her and then he ask me if he could move in my place and pay half the rent! WTF! That set me off and he hasn’t been back since. I

I cant even walk out of this place without someone asking if I want to buy some pills or walk out into some kind of drama. I have lived in this town for 20 some years and have never seen anything like this. The sad part of it all is she has 2 kids which I feel sorry for which brings me to my next rant. She seems to lose her kids often and stands outside screaming her kids name when she could just get off her butt and go look or tell them not to leave the yard.

I noticed on your site a lot of people have problems like this what the hell is wrong with people there is just no respect for others anymore. For anyone out there that plays music like that, may you all go deaf! Before I do anyway.

Neighbours 911 Casting Call

New reality show for Court TV is looking for stories and drama between you & your neighbors. The camera crew would come to YOU but you have to be living within 1 hour of NYC.

If selected you (and your neighbor) would be compensated $1500 for sharing your story on the show and the host would make some sort of ruling as to who's in the right. The 'winner' is compensated with some additional money up to $3000 depending on the issue at hand.

Let the shows mediator listen to both sides and offer up a solution. If you've been dealing with some pretty ridiculous folks next door you DESERVE that money.

I would LOVE to hear the stories of anyone interested in participating in the show. It's been difficult finding people who have neighbors from hell so I'm hoping that some of you might want to share your madness with us. You can certainly post here or email me your contact info & story to Thanks for listening. I hope to hear from some of you soon!

Nikki Vitale
Casting Associate
Liz Lewis Casting Partners
129 W 20th NY, NY
212-645-1500 x117