Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Name Withheld By Request writes:

I happened upon your blog as I was searching the internet, attempting to try to comfort myself with the thought that there must be people suffering with worse neighbours than I am....

Ca1v1n Replies...

I've removed the rest of the post at the request of the sender who got cold feet and is paranoid her neighbours are going to axe murder her or something. I have mixed feelings about this. For one, once you send me something I'm of the opinion you have given up any right to decide how I use it. Regardless, the person asked nicely so I have removed the post. On top of that, once something is on the Internet it is there forever thanks to things like Google cache or other services. Once something is tossed into the electronic sea there is always a way to find it again. I know this first hand because there are a few newsgroup postings from 1996 that I regret something horrible.

Name Withheld by Request writes:

I have lived in my very nice house in CENSORED with my husband for 5 years and the "neighbours" moved in two years ago after my very cool first nieghbour moved away. They understood that there was a hole in my fence so the stray cats I look after could crawl through it. I inherited this issue from my last nieghbour who was very kind and a friend to these animals. There are only 2 anyway and sleep in my shed spending most of their time on my property and have no way damaged anything next door. So after two years of peaceful existence the "old man" nailed a bunch of chicken wire to my wooden fence and to my hundred year old Elm tree. When we asked him to move it he was very rude and said no one was going to tell him what to do on his "f-ing" property. Problem is our fence is not on the exact property line and we own a few feet beyond it. Something he overlooked because as his wife pointed out to me "they paid cash for their house and didn't need a survey".

These aren't stupid people on paper but their naivete is amazing. We had a survey done to show them their error and delivered a lawyers letter which we hoped would prompt a compromise (since we were told not to trespass). My husband got a call from Mr. Crazy threatening to cut down most of my Elm tree which hangs on his side of the fence and call the Humane Society to trap and kill the strays I look after. His idea of compromise is threats which he has done before for little things he overreacted about. We've been keeping track of all his nonsense and determined he was a loose cannon long ago. Obviously he and his Uber Frau whom I thought was my friend know how to hurt me to get what they want. Nice people. They got their compromise with a another legal letter. We figure this nutcase was so angry we called a lawyer because apparently he thinks that because he is a doctor he is above the rest of humanity. We intend on replacing the fence and taking the full property line in the next year or two.

This week Mr. Crazy decided to spray paint his deck in the wind and the overspray was drifting toward my very expensive house. When I very politely pointed this out he said he was finished anyway and turned around to spray his last couple of feet. He basically ignored me because I am a woman so I will have my husband call him and let him know there was no damage this time but could he consider not spraying on a windy day next time? He is just ignorant. He is not considerate of other peoples property and cares only for himself. No one else on the street even knows their names they are so self absorbed and selfish. I am hoping to never speak to them again and live my quiet life. They are not noisy which seems to be a major complaint for other peoples problems but someone who disrespects you and your property is a lousy neighbour.