Sunday, August 05, 2007

Jesse writes:

Well I live in a decent enough apartment, good location. I moved in around 4 months ago on a Friday. That night the lady next to me blasted the music all night. It sounded like her speakers where right next to my head, well no big deal it was a Friday but it has been an everyday and every night thing since. People (men) always coming and going all hours of the night with a fight at least once a week, its like a bunch of dogs fighting over a piece of meat!

When she decides to leave the house and people come knocking and she don’t answer they end up knocking on my door and I don’t even know these losers. I answer the door to some dead head wondering if I know where she is, give me a freaking break! I even had one guy come looking for her and then he ask me if he could move in my place and pay half the rent! WTF! That set me off and he hasn’t been back since. I

I cant even walk out of this place without someone asking if I want to buy some pills or walk out into some kind of drama. I have lived in this town for 20 some years and have never seen anything like this. The sad part of it all is she has 2 kids which I feel sorry for which brings me to my next rant. She seems to lose her kids often and stands outside screaming her kids name when she could just get off her butt and go look or tell them not to leave the yard.

I noticed on your site a lot of people have problems like this what the hell is wrong with people there is just no respect for others anymore. For anyone out there that plays music like that, may you all go deaf! Before I do anyway.


Anonymous said...

And the scary part is that many of these kinds of idiots BREED!

Anonymous said...

I hate my neighbours too. There are 5 of them living in a 2 bedroom flat. The mother is completely and utterly mad. The police have kicked their door off twice, her son obviously pisses everyone off as we've also had a 20 strong gang of teenagers storming the road with baseball bats and broken bottles after him and his mate, the women are like screaming banshees who say things like "bitch" when you walk past them. They accuse everyone of being racist because that's all they've got. Nobody who hates them is a racist, they just hate her and her family. They are loud, rude, thick, dole bludgers. Thankfully after a year of complaints from a lot of people, they are being evicted. The convoluted eviction process means that after 2 months of waiting with baited breath they are still in the bloody flat. They make everyones life a misery and never tire of arguing. I hope they get moved to a grotty flat with horrible neighbours. I cling on to that old saying "what goes around comes around" and I really hope they get theirs. It couldn't happen to a nicer family.

Anonymous said...

how about this.. you have a retard below you in their 40s they beat on the furniture then yell at their child bride.. scream at their newborn... their friends go up one flight of stairs to ask me if they are home??? also he runs to his mother when we retaliate over his stupidity. the guy's like 42 or something!? he also goes outside and starts hollaring about i have no idea what when something doesn't go his way. he's an advertisement for a frontal lobotomy! they also love to fill our apartment with cancer stick smoke and pot smoke but you see they're not doing it.. it's the guys in the next building.. HUH? i think the next time their friends knock on my door i'll open it, grab a hostage and end up on the 11'o clock.

Lisa said...

My neighbors are abysmal! I cannot begin to list how many 7:00am meetings I've missed because I'm awoken in the middle of the night by car doors slamming, music blaring, people running in and out. These losers, who reside above me, have their 'family' coming in and out all hours of the night - it's become a party house. In November, the woman had her 'cousin' move in, thus compromising her lease. (I should note that she receives State housing subsidies!!!). Can't understand why she would need housing assitance - they're not reducing their Heinekin consumption!!!

Neighbors have summoned the police, I have called her countless times to turn the music down, request that she have her 'family' move the cars that block mine, etc. etc. She has been given a two month notice to leave, and the 'Housing Authority' has initiated an investigation :)

I don't feel badly in the slightest bit - is that really terrible of me?

Calvin, thanks for allowing me to vent!!!