Monday, April 02, 2007

Kathryn writes:

The woman who runs the management office for my building hired her brother to be our landlord last year. I caught him smoking in the building and then leaving the door open and unattended. He thought that would get rid of the smell. I confronted him politely and he was an idiot. Mind you he won’t talk to me anyway because I’m woman and what the hell do I know? I wrote to the office and I guess they gave him crap. There is a law about smoking in common areas of a building. Leaving the door open is a security issue.

Then he allows some idiots like himself to move in under me. They are loud and stupid. I haven’t seen them because they never leave the apartment!

Another time he went into my place without telling me about it first. I called him and he admitted it but was very condescending. When my boyfriend is over the landlord will address him even though I’m the tenant. It’s actually fun to stand up to him because he doesn’t know anything about the law.

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