Wednesday, July 09, 2003

Cheryl from California writes...

HI I wanted to send you an email to post, only if you are still doing the site.

We had a neighbour in California who left a huge pile of bricks , about 4x5 on his front lawn for about a year until he decided to finish the brick job of his front driveway. He was unemployed and could have done it any old time, but then he decided to move the bricks out into the street in front of our house. When asked to move them, he wouldnt. Then, his son was playing basketball out in the street and threw the ball at my sisters car, which broke the windsheid of her car. When we asked him to pay for it he refused and said something must have been wrong with the car in the first place!!! He then decided to start parking his jalopy in front of our house, which when asked he wouldnt move. He said the street is public property.

At my second house, I had a crazy ass neighbour who insisted she have her enormous american flags all over the front of the house, which was one on the corner that was overlapping into my yard. I nicely asked her to move the flag, and she went ballistic, and would not. I finally just moved the thing myself and put up with about 4 months of grief from her about moving it. She had about 6 flags covering her property, and it was somewhat of an eyesore. I do love the flag, but it was overkill.

At the same house I had a neighbour on the other side who , when one night my sister accidentally parked in her spot. It was the one and only time it had happened. My neighbour came out and poured elmers glue all over my sisters new SUV. The glue still would not come off. My crazy neighbour left a note saying, " this is a designated spot, do not park in it. " the audacity that someone would do that is mind blowing.

At one house in Los Angeles, I went out to the store, and left the door unlocked. I have a nice home in an upscale neighbourhood so I didnt worry. When I came home, I found my female neighbour in my bathroom using my toilet, as she said she had no toilet paper and needed to use it. Strange. We were not close personal friends or anything.

FYI California is so crazy I have YET to find normal neighbours who keep to themselves and are polite.

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