Friday, June 06, 2003

Suprise, Suprise
Well I got back from a business trip to Los Angeles and discovered something that actually suprised me. The dumbass next door actually did a very nice job of laying interlocking brick over his entire back yard. It actually looks pretty good, as long as you understand that his yard now totally lacks any kind of vegetation or greenery. I expected a shoddy job of uneven bricks sinking into the ground, cracking, half-completed, etc. Instead I find out that perhaps my neighbour is a brick-layer or works construction, because it actually does look good. Anyway, I'm off to Seattle for another business trip and don't even have enough time to cut my lawn, which is now about 3 feet high. The house sale closes on the 25th of June, so we are in the home stretch now. Greetings to everyone who continues to send me encouraging emails and sharing their own stupid neighbour stories.

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