Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Graham writes:

Well, there I was surfing for help on bad neighbor’s and hit your spot. I don’t think my story compares with some of the stories I have read, but here it is. My shitty neighbor(s) are a white trash family living across the street. They are classic piece of shit neighbors with eight cars but all shitty and only three of which actually run. If a piece of siding blows off their house from wind they just leave it. Weeds? Forget about it. Lazy, you know it.

My bitch is with the Red Truck. A real beauty, this 1976 rusted out crap is parked across the street (right in front of my house). Why? I don’t know, they have always parked it there even when there is room to cram it in their driveway. They sometimes decorate this shitty truck with garbage in the back of it for up to four moths at time. This thing only moves about 4 times a year, why they keep it insured is a joke.

The problem is that it is legally parked and it is in driving condition, (it needs a boost everytime but otherwise). The law says if it is on a public street within 100 feet of the registered address and they are able to prove it is drivable then it is ok. How would you like a really ugly truck full of garbage bags and junk parked in front of your house?

Any ideas on how to get rid of this thing?

Ca1v1n replies:

I say disable the car in the middle of the night, then phone the cops and report it as abandoned junk. They will be forced to prove it runs but it won't. You could do something as simple as pulling the spark plugs or disconnecting the battery. Better yet grab the battery one night and run it down then replace it the next night. Disconnect the starter would be another option. How about unbolt all the tires. When the cops come and they start it up and try to drive it away all the wheels fall off. That would be classic.

Of course all of the above is vandalism and you could end up being charged criminally so I don't seriously recommend you do anything listed above. You could put a For Sale sign on it? You never know, perhaps some guy who likes to restore old trucks will ring their doorbell and offer then $500 bucks for it (and who knows they may accept).

Whatever happens, good luck, you'll need it!


Tracy Miller said...

I would try to discuss the issue with them. It's surprising what you can accomplish just by being willing to talk about things. They may have some issues causing their situation, or they may just be white-trash and think their style of living is just fine.

Be delicate with this discussion, though. Make sure you have established a rapport with them before you bring up this stuff, also. If they have some issues that you can help them with, like physical or mental issues, offer assistance. You may end up with a wonderful neighbor that will clean up his/her act and be willing to help you when you need it.

Anonymous said...

Talking is for LOGICAL folks, uh and that means both parties have to have good logic and reasoning skills or otherwise you might spend alot of time explaining an elementary concept and just get mad because they do not get it, like my neighbors for instance, just don't get COMMON courtesy. We were asked to move a week long guest's car in front of my house once because the neighbor's wife had issues with reverse as he put it. Never since that time in 4 years have we allowed any visitors to park on the street - we cram them all in the driveway or in our grass - that's being courteous to ALL the neighbors not just that one. Well that ONE is a total ass parking just across from my driveway but up the hill alittle causing a hazardous situation for us to back out and oncoming traffic will be in OUR lane, most go over the speed limit and WHAM my teenager daughter almost got hit if she hadn't panicked and let the car roll back and speeding escalade went around her but jumped the curb doing so and running over my flower bed. STILL, he won't move their van cuz it's a someone has to get out first convenience issue for them - have plenty of room to park in garage, yard, side of driveway, and driveway. so we pulled our cars out and park in front of our house, which ooooops is also in front of his driveway. Looks like the Indian wife is gonna have to learn to DRIVE in REVERSE after all. So NO MORE BACKING, we're now inconvenienced even more but at least SAFE. THEN, stupid homer-looking mo-ron moves his mailbox from the left side to the right (hopefully too close to a light pole) and did so JUST to ANNOY us by parking now car #2 in the street across from my driveway. Something about LOW IQ people if you give them the chance just to keep talking or doing, they usually do themselves in. Well, it doesn't annoy us any more because we're not parking in the driveway anymore! However, whenever service vehicles come over to my house - well I INVITE them to park in my driveway so homer-idiot across the street can WATCH them back out so HIS vehicles don't get hit. If they did get hit - would I tell, uh NO! So, I was trying to think of something harmless that would STINK up the place a little and maybe encourage him to be courteous by accident - so I found this miracle product called LIQUID ASS with a smell that will make the worst public UN-flushed crapped in toilets seem clean enough to EAT IN ... and it's clear, non-toxic, and totally harmless etc. etc. Well ....OMG the stuff worked. The first morning I sprayed the street - NOT their vehicles with LIQUID ASS and 12 hours later it still stunk up to hell ... they were outside looking around everywhere to see what the hell was stunk so bad (except their manners) and watching the Indian business owning woman annoying everyone with her stupid van out there probably cussing her husband out in Korean, flailing her arms about and gesturing. I could barely walk to the mailbox without biting a hole in my cheek to keep from laughing out loud, but I DID Make a puzzled looking face and said GOD what did you MO-RONS do now ... buy a SEPTIC SYSTEM COMPANY???? I'm gonna call code enforcement!! ha ha hahaha Worth every freaking penny ... and worked like a charm. thinking of becoming a distributor!!!! MORAL to this story is ... if you think you can't afford a COVENANT neighborhood .... guess again! OH, and want a day OFF work, spritz a little around the office and the management will call it a day or everyone will VOMIT then they have that to clean up too!

Anonymous said...

OMG that is soooooooooo freakin' funny and really innocent sounding without vandalism, letting air out of tires, nails in street, etc. that my "so-called" friends suggested when I had to deal with sanford and son who moved in across from me! Liquid Ass would have been alot cheaper than moving was!