Monday, January 26, 2009


Neighbourhoods in the vicinity of University campuses are often ground zero for 'Student vs Resident' battles over noise and garbage, general upkeep of properties, safety, etc. The stories normally flare up twice a year, first during Frosh week and again after final exams. Some schools do more then others to build bridges among the community.

One such example is the University of Edinburgh, where the students association is investing some cash to put together a 'Good Neighbour Guide' for its students. Now this specific example seems like a waste of money, what research really needs to be done? It is all quite basic stuff:

1. No garbage on the curb except on garbage day
2. Loud parties on the weekend are fine, just clean up after yourself and try to wind things down (at least move from the porch to inside) after 1am.
3. When you move out arrange for pickup of large items left behind. Nothing worse then old sofas and other such rubbish left on the front lawn.

Some things that the locals need to remember about students:

1. You were young once, so give the kids a break.
2. If you didn't have students you could have crackheads living next door. Consider yourself lucky.
3. They probably don't OWN the necessary tools and equipment to do simple things like maintain a lawn or repair a screen door, so ofter to help or loan the necessary tools, instead of just complaining.


Janice (Jackass N) said...

Hi Colin Good post, we need to remember we were young once and give the kids a break as long as it's both ways.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the crackheads ARE THE STUDENTS. There are way too many drugs in Boulder, Colorado. I was young...and responsible...I never smashed beer bottles on sidewalks for kids and dogs to cut themselves.

Anonymous said...

"You were young once" doesn't cut it. It's not a generational thing. The social contract is easily understood at an early age. Once you're hooked on self-indulgent behaviour, it may change over time -- from partying till you puke to pissing yourself in the pool behind your McMansion in your gated community -- but chances are once an a-hole, always an a-hole. In short: don't be an a-hole.