Sunday, January 25, 2009


Minneapolis, Minnesota - Its a true Hatfield's vs The McCoy's style fued in the posh Minneapolis neighbourhood of Lowry Hill. The vandalism has escalated over the last few days and culminated with bricks thrown thru a front window and one neighbour facing 9 criminal charges. The conflict started when Barbara and Jim Fogel made some complaints to local authorities about a business being run out of their neighbour's McMansion across the street. What exactly was he running? Not a private sex club, like 'The Cherry Pit', which if you will recall was a big story in 2007 that got some media attention. It was also not an underground gambling operation. In fact nobody is quite sure what the business was, but the news story references the possibly running a "marketing" or "construction" business.

Considering the technology of the 21st century, either such business (marketing and construction that is not sex clubs and gambling) could easily be run out of a residential home with zero impact on any neighbours. So it sounds to me like the Fogel's are the kind of jerks who probably complain about dead grass during a drought.

If they had any real class they wouldn't have bought a McMansion in the first place. If you really have money, you should have enough to buy a multi-acre lot that matches the size of the house, instead of another oversized cookie-cutter house on a too-small lot surrounded by other oversized cookie-cutter houses on too-small lots.

Now, I clearly know nothing about what really happened between these neighbours, and throwing a brick thru the Fogel's front window is clearly unacceptable behaviour, but sometimes mindless revenge just tastes too sweet to resist.

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