Thursday, April 01, 2004


I have been in my property for 5 months now in CENSORED. On moving I noticed next-door asses would not let my CENSORED park her car near our house. They had one CENSORED and three cars can you believe it. The funny thing was the house belonged to CENSORED and they were living in the CENSORED.

Finally one day I complained and the witch next door went mad and as she is very rough and anyway she gave us hell. Then after a few weeks police was involved as we were getting hate mail. After that the CENSORED disappeared along with the two cars. It turns out her husband left her as she was left with only one car. If you can guess she now parks her car leaving big gaps but makes sure that no car would be able to fit in the spaces beside her. I hate her so much I curse her all the time and I pray she moves away but I was told she has been in that CENSORED for 16 years. You can imagine she will be there until she is 90 or 100 still making trouble that’s what she thrives on for someone who has never worked in her life but keeps a car is on CENSORED and does CENSORED and CENSORED can one except her to be reasonable.

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