Thursday, April 01, 2004

I havn't updated in many months. Started a personal journal over at Feel free to check it out. Sorry, but there are no stories about stupid neighbours. My new neighbours seem to be pretty normal. Except the one weekend the parents went away and their two teenagers had a big party which ended with the two brothers in the front yard trading blows like a scene out of fight club while their girlfriends stood a short distance away crying. Other then that one incident its been quiet.

I've got a few submissions that have been sent in over the months, so I thought I'd finally getting around to posting them...

"I'm not sure if you still do your website any more but I've had a series of awlful neighbours. I hope you enjoy and understand.

One neighbour I had was an old women who lived alone, who never had any visitors the whole 6 months I lived next to her. Just as I moved into this place next to her, arguements over a tree in our yard started. This tree was a beautiful tree (I'm not sure what type it was) that had minimal leaf dropping.

Anyway this lady complained to the council about the tree as one of its branches was over her side of the fence. Her complaint was that it was dangerous to children. Given that she had no children visiting her and we had no children in our yard ever it was a bit of a pitiful excuse. Yet she complained and complained to the city council and they cut it down. I guess just to shut her up. So the only tree in our yard was gone.

The next neighbour I had was a neighbour in a block of flats. He would have loud conversations with someone on the phone called Pastor Allan, yelling and screaming about Pastor Allan's lack of caring about peoples soul.
Everyone in the flat had a car space under the house, our car space was too skinny to drive into (bad steering in the old car) so we parked somewhere else. So our spot that was right at our door step was empty.
So the neighbour put his rubbish and old mattresses there. and with this rubbish came cockroaches. and the cockroaches got into our flat. He refused to move his rubbish, even when the landlord told him too. He said it was our rubbish.

The next place I moved to was next to a family with kids. The kids would steal my puppy, jumping over the fence and grabbing it and gave it baths and fed it cat food, which it would then vomit all over our carpet. These kids were loud too, screamers and for christmas the parents gave them a drum kit and a microphone.

We shortly moved to a new house after that, and that was when I realised I was cursed. I had moved next door to a couple with a baby who have domestics everyday and keep their porch lights on all night while they fought. Every night they start yelling and he starts his dodgy car with no exhaust and drives off.
I still live here, and it is just like a Jerry Springer Soapy. I dont need television for entertainment, but i would like some sleep."

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