Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Tim R. Writes:

My wife and I were in a neighborhood that we help put together. We had three different friends all buy in the same cul-de-sac. We thought it would be great, boy were we wrong. The next door neighbor to me had a little black lab mix that was never on a leash and would attach my 100 lb golden every chance it got. I would say in 4 years there were ay least 15 dog fights. I would have to kick the dog in the face for him to run away. Every time you go to the door to confront them it would go unanswered. The dog went on the bite 2 children and an adult before he was sent away. Confront them later they would say raven does not do that. That was the easy of problem…. the “friends” we brought with us starting thinking swapping wives and thinking getting really drunk was a good idea, when my wife and I were not ready to swap so we were ignored in the neighborhood. For 18 months no one would speak to us, guess what we moved out and sold our house to two women who love each other. Also the exploding property value in the Metro Washington area double the value of our house, so we moved south and love our new neighbors …but not that much.

I can agree with you there, when I finally sold that house in Toronto I made a killing thanks to soaring property values.

Just to refresh everyones memory: I left the "hell" neighbours behind over three years ago and this blog is still kicks to life every now and then. My current neighbours are both great. On one side I have a nice family with two kids about 8 and 12 years old. They are a pretty normal family. They are up before dawn taking the boy to hockey practice, they BBQ nearly every day in the summer, and the first thing they did when I moved in was invite me over for a beer. On the other side is another family, kids a bit older (one in University the other in High School), but also very normal. Other then the kids having wild parties when the parents go out of town they are very quiet. I don't even mind the parties, and was going to crash the last one but the cops showed up before made it over (some other neighbour called, I was pissed because it wasn't even that loud, not worthy of a complaint at it was only 11pm). The best part was a lot of the kids at the party were underage and when the police showed up at the front door those in the backyard tossed their beer over the fence. I recovered an assorted variety of canned and bottled beer the next morning, most of which were unopened.

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atticus said...

I think that happened on my parents street in Olney, MD.

The wife swapping did not end well.