Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Cumberland County, Tennessee - A dispute between two neighbours regarding a dog got out of control when one of them pulled out a shotgun. A witness disarmed the man before he had a chance to blow a hole in his neighbours chest. Undaunted he picked up a chainsaw and began chasing his neighbour around the yard. The man escaped by jumping in his pickup truck and driving away. Shotguns, a dog, and a pickup truck. This story has all the makings of a great country song. Or it could be just another day in Tennessee? You decide. Original story appears in the Crossville Chronicle.

Bottomley, West Yorks, U.K. - A resident of the rural community of Bottomley has been fined close to $400,000 USD after being charged for a "rampaging campaign of hatred and pure evil" that involved loud music, spotlights, damage to cars, the depositing of dead animals on her neighbours property, and broken glass scattered on roads and pathways. Her antics have earned her the nickname the "Beast of Bottomley" (Sounds like a monster from a Tolkein book) and despite evidence coming to light that she had confrontations with neighbours at her previous address she still claims to be the real victim. The accused has also been charged with two separate "Anti Social Behavior Orders" which from what I can tell is combination of a public shaming and a slap on the wrist that is a quirky little aspect of the criminal justice system in the United Kingdom. More details on the latest judgement are available from the BBC.

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