Sunday, February 03, 2008


Alice, Texas - The Mayor of the small Texas town of Alice has resigned after being hit with felony dognapping charges over her theft of a Shih Tzu named "Puddles". Apparently the Mayor was asked to care for the dog while her friend was on vacation. Upon her return the friend was informed the dog had died. Suspicions were raised when the dog was spotted at a local groomer three months later.

Brampton, Ontario - A quite suburban home in Brampton, Ontario is receiving a lot of police attention lately, and it is not the "Big Suprise Another Grow-Op" kind. The home is owned by Amit Kumar, the notorious Dr. Kidney, ring leader of an Indian criminal organization that stole/harvested kidneys from impoverished peasants and then implanted them in rich businessmen and anybody else willing to pay. Interpol is working closely with the local RCMP and while the whereabouts of Kumar are currently unknown, his family is hiding out in their $600,000 Brampton home. Kumar is accused of harvesting and then implanting roughly 500 kidneys into wealthy clients who paid $50,000 for the operation. Kumar is said to possess at least 6 fake passports and fled India just as the police closed in. Friends and neighbours of Kumar indicated he had talked about planning to open a hotel in Canada. That is one place where I would be scared to fall asleep at night.

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If he's smart, and he appears to be, he will get a good lawyer in Canada. Extraditions in Canada can take longer than a decade in many cases. The law in Canada is screwed up. While the defendant is awaiting the result of the extradition they are let out on bail, left to live their lives completely unencumbered.