Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Snow fell over much of Ontario and the North Eastern USA the other day. When this sort of thing happens kids like to have snowball fights. Sometimes a wild pitch sends a snowball into an innocent bystander. When this happens the innocent victim normally curses and shakes his fist. In some cases they may pick up a snowball of their own and toss it back. What you don't do is go home and get a gun so you can shoot the poor kid in the head.

It really is important to communicate with your neighbours. If you hire your friends son to feed your pets when you are away on vacation it may be a good idea to introduce him to your neighbours (or at least let them know) so they don't get suspicious. If you are hired by your mom's friend to feed her pets, its probably not a good idea to hang out at their house all night smoking weed and eating shrooms... it could make the neighbours suspicious.


Hate said...

Neighbours suck, that's obvious :)

Anonymous said...

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