Sunday, February 10, 2008


Steve writes:

I moved to Massachusetts from California about 12 years ago. I'm now married and have a wonderful four year old son. However, I have to say, these people are the dumbest collective group of people I've ever encountered in my life. They can't reason their collective way out of a paper bag and most have never traveled outside of the county (yes county not country) they've lived in their entire life. If I say more, my blood pressure will rise and I may in fact walk outside and inflict harm on one of them.

Actually, most of the problems have arisen from the petty women in the neighborhood. My wife works from home and has an I.Q. well above room temperature, so she doesn't have the time to sit around with the neighborhood coffee clutch gossiping about everyone else, nor do I with their weak husbands who are ruled over by these petty women, thus we've become the "outcasts". That actually came out of the mouth of one of the women who can barely put a sentence together and whom I'd only met once before when I was giving out candy on Halloween to her children. She and her husband look like extras from the movie Waterworld or Mad Max, live in a single family home with three other families (all relatives), but we are the outcasts. The experience living here has been like living in a parallel universe.

One of these heavily medicated women actually came over and punched me in the arm several times because I'd dared say something to her husband after she'd called our home one evening out of the blue when she was clearly medicated or drunk. She told me that my wife and I were "fucking freaks" who moved into the neighborhood to "be mean to everyone else." On the face of it that's a strange comment, especially considering we were one of the first to move into a new 12 home development. This all after my wife and I found $2,000 of cash in the street we happened to trace back to them and returned it immediately. Or the times I've helped plow out their driveway because they were snowed in and the list goes on and on. Yes, we are the freaks. I told her husband he was going to have to back up his wife's mouth to my face and suffer the consequences or get her in line or in a hospital. He said his wife is "emotional" and "had a bad day" and decided to take it out on me. I must just be naive to the ways of the women out here in this crazy little state. These are just a few of the weird things we've experienced from these folks.

Oh well, we're moving out of this God forsaken neighborhood where we doubt it can get much more bizarre than this experience.

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