Monday, March 24, 2008


Lancashire, U.K. - Police took the unusual step of confiscating the stereo of a noisy neighbour in the town of Rishton after multiple complaints and a municipal noise abatement notice dating back to 2006 were ignored. It took the local council 6 months of legal wrangling to obtain a warrant of forfeiture allowing police to seize her stereo. The problem is the order only covered the stereo in her home at the time, and this noisy neighbour in question has already purchased a new stereo.

Luton County, U.K. - It all started over a 4 ft wide and 120 ft long strip of land and a sneaky neighbour. The culprit in question moved fence posts a few inches each year in an attempt to gain control over the land. The case has been getting kicked around courts since at least 2005 and the real story here is the amount of money spent attempting to either gain or maintain control over a 480 sq ft strip of land. Between the two of them the neighbours at the center of this dispute have spent over $800,000 USD.

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