Monday, May 05, 2008


I love Newcastle. Well, frankly I have never been to Newcastle but I love Newcastle Brown Ale. I also love Guinness and Boddingtons. If any of these fine breweries are interested in sponsoring The Stupid Neighbour Blog please contact me at Sponsorship does not need to cost $$$. Hell, all you need to do is send me a t-shirt (XL) and I will make your brew the "Official" Beer of the Stupid Neighbour Blog and display an icon saying as much on the front page.

Interesting story in the Newcastle Chronicle today. Residents of a particular housing project are being issued tape recorders by their property management company so that they can maintain a record of noisy and abusive neighbours.

The idea is that the tape recorders could be used as evidence in court and would improve the housing authorities chances of evicting nuisance neighbours. Any neighbours who compain of noise or disruptions will be issued the tape recorder and asked to maintain a diary that details the incidents.

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