Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Today is July 1st, known as 'Canada Day' around here. Technically we celebrate the anniversary of Confederation, July 1st 1867 when the three British Colonies of Britsh Columbia, Nova Scotia, and the Province of Canada joined together to create a nation.

Some historians argue this event occurred mostly because the American Civil War had recently ended and American armies were turning their sights North. The creation of an organized state out of several separate British Colonies was a good way to secure British control over land north of the 49th parallel. The rush to build a railway across the vast Canadian prairie from Ontario to British Columbia was seen as another important means of security British sovereignty.

Regardless, Canadians celebrate Canada Day pretty much the same way Americans celebrate July 4th. Family, Alcohol & Fireworks.

Which brings me to todays news. A recent survey on both sides of the border came to some suprising results. It could be the impact of 8 years of George W. Bush, or it could be something else, but here are the results:

  • Canadians overall are "happier" then Americans
  • Canadians live longer
  • Canadians have fewer diseases
  • Canadians are more adventurous in bed
  • Canadians drink more
  • Canadians take more vacations
  • Canadians spend more time with family
  • Canadians have their debt more under control
  • Average Canadians are 30% wealthier then your average American
How you like them apples?

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