Thursday, August 07, 2008


There is an old saying that goes "A friend will help you move... a BEST friend will help you move a body".

I think Coquitlam, British Columbia resident Katy Yin may feel the same way about her neighbours, who armed with a broom and rocks fought off a Black Bear which had attacked her while she was tending her garden. So how would the saying go?

"A neighbour is someone who watches your house while your on vacation...a GREAT neighbour is someone who fends off a bear attack!"


Anonymous said...

"What kind of bear is best?"

"There are basically two schools of thought..."

"Wrong, Black Bear"

PlantBuddy said...

I saw a black bear cub on the side of the road very near my cottage just last week. He ran off as we drove by, but I felt nervous to know they are closing in on us in Muskoka cottage country.