Thursday, October 23, 2008


Somerset, England - It was just an ordinary day in February when Christian Puttock was going out to celebrate a birthday dinner with his wife and family. It became deadly when he was attacked and killed by a crazy neighbour who believed he was a paedophile. The neighbour is now being held in a psychiatric ward indefinitely.

Cardiff, Wales - Police broke down the front door and held pointed guns to the head of Simon Clemett as he held his baby in his arms. The police raided the home after mistaking his house for that of his next door neighbour, who was wanted on suspicion of murder.

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xoggoth said...

At least they didn't shoot him and then frame him to cover up their bungling like in that Tom Selleck film.

Police broke into the wrong flat below us once, this loony woman on the ground floor who was always getting hysterical had dialled 999 to say she had taken an overdose.

She was an interesting nutty neighbour, once she threw her boyfriend out and for half an hour there were a shower of his things being hurled out the window into the middle of the road.