Thursday, November 06, 2008


I read yesterday the Police found the body of Brandon Crisp, a young kid who disappeared from his home in Barrie, Ontario a couple weeks ago when his parents took away his XBOX. The parents have been suprisingly silent since his frozen body was found in a corn field near his home. You see, for the past two weeks they have been claiming he was abducted by some child predator who he met via the XBOX LIVE gaming service.

The truth hurts sometimes. The kid ran away from home, and then died, alone, cold, and scared in a farmer's field just a short walk from his house.

News today is his school plans on implementing a program to teach children the dangers of technology, as if the XBOX was somehow responsible for Brandon dying of exposure.

A better plan would be for someone to setup a program to teach tech-challenged parents how to communicate with their 21st century digital children.

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