Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of the Directors at my company resigned today. I think he lasted about 4 months, give or take a week. It made for a strange afternoon. Lots of phone calls that you were not allowed to talk about until everybody got their personal phone call. People talking anyway, asking if you "got the phone call" yet. I never had much of a problem with him, and thought he had as many good ideas as could be expected from someone in our industry who holds the title of Director.

He was brought in mid-Summer, and for a time it seemed he was really positioned as some kind of saviour. When talking to some of my peers however, they were all happy to see him leave, which I didn't understand. Sure he sent a lot of redundant emails, but I don't think that was a personal habit of his. I think he got sucked into our unwritten corporate policy regarding constant, useless, and redundant emails. He wasn't perfect, but he was no Bill Lumberg either.

Frankly my biggest worry is who or what might replace him. That old saying about "The Devil you know..." I guess the one plus in this horrid economy is that we should be able to find an unemployed Director easy enough.

As for me, I'll just keep on keepin' on.

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