Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Normally its the environmentalists that are try to stop the cutting down of trees to make way for a new housing development. This time it is the exact opposite. A neighbourhood in New Zealand is banning together to stop the planned cutting of several large oak trees to make way for a small subdivision. The catch is that the subdivision is being financed by a trust fund controlled the family of a prominant local environmentalist.

It is not unusual for someone to get upset when their neighbours pet gets loose and ends up on their property. This was especially true in Kerr County, Texas today as the loose pet wasn't a dog but a 600 lb Bengal Tiger. They say everything is bigger in Texas, and this goes for pets as well.

In other news, Jackass Neighbours, is a cool new site that you should probably check out.


Janice said...

Why the hell would somebody want to keep a bengal tiger for? have they got giant mice in Texas?
Thanks for the mention in your blog Colin, it's much appreciated. :-)

xoggoth said...

Seem to recall reading that about half the world's tigers live in captivity in the US. Scary.