Saturday, February 07, 2009


I found this post on Sunday night, it was saved in my draft folder. I must have attempted to update late Friday night but didn't make it. It was Poker Night and I had purchased a variety of high-alcohol content "Winter" beers from the local LCBO.

Trafalgar Spiced Belgian Ale - This one was very nice, dark and rich, with a hint of clove and berry. Bottle size 650ml, alcohol content 6.5%

St. Peter's Winter Ale - I did not enjoy this one. Will leave it at that. Bottle size, 500ml, alcohol content 6.3%.

Mill Street Brewery Barley Wine - I couldn't call this beer. It was sweet, like maple syrup, and reminded me of an Ice Wine. Very nice treat and I loved the ceramic bottle that it came in but you couldn't drink this all night, it would make your teeth ache it is so sweet. Bottle size 650ml, alcohol content 11%

Great Lakes Winter Ale - I enjoyed this one. More red then dark, with a very evident taste of orange and cinnamon. It came in a 750ml bottle, alcohol content of 6.2%.

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