Saturday, February 14, 2009


Whiteroses Writes:

I'd lived peacefully in my home and neighborhood for 16 years before a new truly dysfunctional family moved in next door. They've done horrible things since moving in. They trampled and sprayed weed killer on my annuals, scratched up my car parked in my driveway, put holes in my tires, and recently it appears they tried to break my car window.

I've reported them repeatedly to the police, who claim they will do extra patrols on my block, but I have yet to see anyone. My neighbors apparently are unhappy with me because I asked them to trim back a tree that was leaning on my house. It was so far on my property I was told I could legally cut it down. Only the roots and the trunk are on their property. I didn't cut it down, just cut it back because I like trees much more than I like my neighbors.

The family also is most upset that I insist they pick up their dog's poop. They walk the dog over in front of my house everyday and encourage it to poop on my yard, the sidewalk in front or on the strip of grass in front of my house. There is an ordinance that requires them to scoop it, but they refuse. I've reported them several times after witnessing this transgression, but again the police could care less. The last time I insisted that the male of the home pick up after his dog, he ran up on my property and threatened to beat me, a woman. I had been doing yard work and had a small shovel in my hand. I threatened to beat him with the shovel if he didn't leave my property immediately. I had to raise the shovel to make him leave. He stood on his property for five minutes and shouted obscenities at me while I continued to clean up my yard. I finally called the useless cops and they of course did nothing about it. If the neighbor kills me, I guess that might warrant some action.

I live alone and feel this family of 8, including a juvenile delinquent, feels completely at ease walking on my property to reach their cars on the street, letting their animal defecate, etc. They are walking all over me, but I have no recourse except to sell my home. This was supposed be my retirement home and the last of my family has moved out of state. I refuse to bring friends into this mess, although I've asked my neighbors to look out for me. They swear they've seen nothing. I'm not happy. But all I can do is vent. This horribly ignorant family has yet to be held accountable for their actions. Anyone have any solutions short of hiring a guard dog?



God is Great.Let us pray for peace for the whole world. There is no strength or power except in God. Rather turn to Creator than to creation for help. He has control over all hearts. He can change a arch enemy into bossum friend. Ignore their gimmicks.He will subdue them. A thought may be passing your mind "that it is easily said than done". I'm telling you out of my experience.

Ca1v1n said...

God is great, but lets instead pray Whiteroses has some luck dealing with the crazy family next door.

xoggoth said...

Maybe police don't act because they know that half the time it is one person's word against another in these things. Have you considered CCTV? A camera and DVR are quite cheap and you can view recordings on your TV. Having got one myself I could post some more advice if needed.

Anonymous said...

Reasoning with them has gotten you nowhere and the authorities don't seem to care about intervening. So confrontation and continually involving the cops won't work.

The next step would be to put up as many physical barriers as possible. Fences and bushes work wonders. I'm not sure about the layout of your yard, but if you can invest in some tall arborvitae, place as many between you and them as you can. It might also cut down on them traipsing across your yard to get to their cars.

Fences also work wonders. Hire someone to survey your property and then hire someone to build a six foot high fence. It won't prevent them from letting their dog poop on your lawn, but it will give you some control.

Also, Bamboo. I don't know where you live but if you can grow running bamboo, plant some right near the line.

Just remember no matter where one moves to there will always be at least one set of awful neighbors. If you move you are most likely going to run into a new set (And they could be even worse).

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Its clear reasoning has got you no where and the authourities are politely trying to tell you they have better things (in their opinion) to do than to resolve the dispute with your neighbours.
You really have only two options, increased security combined with vigilance (cameras etc) and hope they move...or just move yourself. Sure you may always end up with crappy neighbours if you move but whats the chance you end up with ones as bad as you have now?
Years ago my wife and I were weighing the pros and cons of renovating our existing house or building. Some jackasss moved in behind us and in 3 months made our daily lives very difficult. We decided to move. 6 years on its still a decision we have never regretted.

Ca1v1n said...

I agree with Anonymous #1... you can do a lot with physical barriers. Especially natural ones like hedges. I posted a while back about the benefits of planting Leyland Cypress, which can literally grow 3 feet per season. In no time you have a formidable (and attractive) natural barrier