Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Story out of Yorkshire about a family who was forced to live in a camper after their home was destroyed by a flood. What makes this interesting is they are now being sued by their neighbour who claims they ruined his view. The repairs to their home took over nine months to complete and during that time the family lived in a trailer provided by their insurance company. It apparently blocked the neighbours view of his garden.

On this side of the pond a couple in Lewisville, Texas are upset that their neighbour, who is an avid hunter, has been butchering his game in the back yard. They claim they are only looking for "respect" and would never slaughter a cow in their back yard so they don't see why their neighbour can slaughter a deer or a wild boar. Do they expect him to do it in the kitchen? The Police and even State Game Wardens have investigated and no charges have been laid. Authorities dismiss the complaints a a simple clash of suburban and rural lifestyles.

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