Monday, March 23, 2009


Today's STUPID NEIGHBOUR AWARD goes to Greg Gutfeld, host of the late-night Red Eye show which airs on FOX at 3am.

Gutfeld made some negative comments the other night about Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan. Click here for the footage courtesy of YouTube.

For those who don't know, over the last 6 years, the Americans have gallivanted around in Iraq looking for non-existent WMD, while our NATO allies (specifically the French, Germans and Dutch... the British have carried their own weight) have refused to be deployed anywhere but the very stable Northern provinces or in military roles of any kind. All this time the Canadian military has been left to deal with the shit-storm that is Kandahar province, former stronghold of the Taliban. A mission that has left over 100 of our soldiers dead.

Not to say that our allies have not sacrificed. I hear a Dutch soldier broke a nail once, and the French were forced to not shower for weeks at a time (Oh wait, that is normal).

Unlike most of FOX's talking heads, at least Gutfeld had the common decency to apologize when he was called out. That is far more then can be said about idiots like Joe Scarborough and Bill O'Reilly. That being said, Gutfield is on at 3am and his show goes up against the likes of SHAM-WOW infomercials and hot babes in bikinis trying to convince you to dial a 976 number.

My personal opinion as to the usefulness of the mission is not relevant to this post. However, disrespecting the brave men and women who serve is unacceptable. Therefore I apologize now to the Dutch and French governments, who despite hiding behind our kilts are still making a contribution in Afghanistan, abet a minor one.


xoggoth said...

People always hate their nearest neighbours, we hate the French, Australians hate New Zealanders, etc.

My entire knowledge of Canada comes from watching South Park, so I know that you all have heads completely separated at the mouth, high pitched voices and talk about farting all the time.

Ca1v1n said...

We actually do talk about farting quite a bit...

Annoyed said...

Australians do not hate New Zealanders, we have a healthy rivalry but have each others backs in times of need. Don't speak for all Australians please.