Tuesday, April 14, 2009


A man in Oxfordshire was arrested for harassment after his neighbour complained about a small pig statue and sign reading "No Pigs" was spotted in his back garden. Turns out this neighbour is a police officer and felt this was some sort of insult directed at him. The trouble is, the man who owns the statues is a retired pig farmer, and frankly if I was a retired pig farmer I wouldn't want them around either. (Except on my breakfast plate) It also turns out he had the pig statue in the back garden long before the pig neighbour moved in. The two (pig and retired pig farmer) have been feuding for the last 18 months over the location of a path that divides their back gardens, and of course the pig had to use his power to try to intimidate his neighbour. After being held for 6 hours the man was released and no charges were laid. Stupid pig.

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