Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A.B. from Pennsylvania writes:

I would like to share my story. My husband and I and our 2 kids rented a home in the Upper Bucks County area of Pennsylvania in August 2008. What we moved next door to was the antithesis of the anti-Christ. My husband is a cement mason in a Philadelphia Local Union. I am a part time HR rep for a company. We work hard. In 2006 my husband got a DUI. It was a strain on the family, but we worked through it. He was on probation. The last time we had to go to court for a hearing, we saw our next door neighbor at the hearing. Turns out she is a probation officer for Bucks County and has the reputation of an over the top, all out bitch.

I don't know if she couldn't get into law school or the FBI but apparently she is extremely bitter and likes that feeling of belittling the small guy. She looked at my husband and I and concluded that we were not worthy of living next door to her. A few days later, my husband spoke to her husband because of a situation that happened the previous night. My husband was smoking a cigarette and saw our neighbor's bike on the sidewalk. He went over picked up the bike and was bring it up to the garage when my neighbor's husband came out. My husband explained that he was bringing the bike up and introduced himself, and my neighbour's husband, who is a prison guard at Bucks County Dept. of Corrections said, "Yeah, I know you". Apparently, he thinks that he is some sort of hard ass. What a joke. More like the Pillsbury dough boy. He is a glorified baby sitter, that gets paid to sit on his ass and yell at some poor souls that have lost their way in life. I mean who sits there as a young boy and thinks, "One day I am going to be a prison guard and help the world". I am thinking that he must be hung like a light switch and suffers from some sort of complex. I often hear him yelling through the walls at his kids.

After speaking to my husband about this, we decide it would be a good idea to clear the air. The next day my husband rings the door bell and asks to speak to him regarding the previous evening. My husband also was bringing him a bag of Thomas the Tank Engine toys that my son had out grown playing with and I had promised to them before we had the falling out. I figured that I was living here and I liked the house, I didn't want to be best friends but I also didn't want to be shunned either. They spoke about my husbands run in with the law and the neighbours admitted that both him and his wife "looked him up" and they knew all about him. My husband tried to explain that we were good people, we took care of our house, we didn't have wild parties, that were were just your ordinary family that worked hard and for the most part kept to ourselves. My husband also asked that they not share the DUI with the other neighbors because we didn't want the parents in this snotty ass development to judge our kids on actions that my husband did.

They ended up telling everybody, and now people turned their backs on us as soon as we come out the door. All of the cordial waves and the morning greetings came to an abrupt stop. My husband had lost his drivers license with the DUI and they knew it. He told my husband that apparently she saw him driving (which wasn't the case). Apparently, the think they are the "Super Twins" over there and that they are going to "rid the world of all the evil doers". The conversation ended and my husband came home.

We have 2 small children. They made friends here, even with the little girl next door. I gave her drinks and treats within reason, that sort of thing. One day this little girl came in our house and was playing upstairs in my daughters room. When she was seen by her parents, through the open window, she was swiftly told to come home. This girl was grounded for a week for being in my home. Like my husband was some sort of child rapist or robbed someone a gun point. He got a freakin' DUI for Christ sake!!!!

The winter went on and she was apparently telling his probation officer that he was driving. Again, which was not the case. My husband's work is seasonal. When it is 30 degrees or below or raining or snowing, he doesn't work. She also was telling the local police. We then found out she had made a poster made of him and posted in the local police department. It gave a description of my car and him, said he had a DUI and his drivers license was under suspension and if seen driving to pull him over. This is the lengths she will go to are boundless.

She wants to to move and not buy this house. Which, in the beginning, was the plan. She even had the balls to tell my landlord that it would be unethical and unmoral to sell us this house. She then told the landlord that other neighbors would be calling her in protest us buying the house. So that is why, I HATE MY NEIGHBORS!! If anyone has any words of wisdom or thinks I could sue them for harassment or knows a good attorney that handles this type of matter please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Well You know those things you want to say but never do... Well nows the time. Your not on trial here... Keep your kids away from them. Throw a party for you kids and don't invite them. it's only a DUI now if he got 3 more back to back I could see where there might be some desent. However, he's done his time and is paying his fine.... He can also get a restrictive drivers lic to work and back only. DMV is a separate entity, you pay them a reinstatment fee.

People make mistakes NO ONE is perfect. It's what you gain through learning from the mistake that makes you a better person. Next time after a few beers after a hard day at work, call a cab or call you.

Theres nothing I dispise more than a hypocrite, biggot neighbor.

As far as this woman claiming she saw your husband driving tell her to prove it or shut the fuck up. Being nice and courteous went out the window when she started running her jibs. Just don't say what you want with your kids present.

he should be on court probation. As in no PO....
Or you can do like I do and tell them to all go fck themselves with a smile on your face.

You have freedom of speach in this country. As long as your not physically threating to maim or hurt your assclown neighbors theres nothing they can do about it. When you do talk to them make sure you have a tape recorder in plain view. That will shut them up real quick.

I was swimming in my pool with my teen step daughter and her friends and as teens tend to get loud a giggly this woman had her son come knock on my door to tell me that we need to be quiet cause somone might call the police. Now I could see if we were out there after 9PM being loud but this is mid afternoon. I went dripping wet next door in a thong bikini with phone in hand and asked her if she would like to call the cops using my phone. LOL

I've caught her peeking over the fence when I had my in-laws visit.

When I do have parties I make them as loud as they can get. I had a party for my 7 year old invited all his friends and their frineds and friends of friends. Rented a Bouncy house and Bouncy Slide and threw a crazy kid pool party. You should seen that women. Her face looked like she was smelling shit. LOL In the back of my mind all I could do was laugh cause please do call the cops on the Kid party.

This woman had the audacity to tell me she has lived here longer. Like I give a rats ass. Shes not paying my mortgage pmt. I pay for this peice of dirt when I rent this house out next year I will inform the tenants of the crazy hippo next door.

together we were. said...

oh man, i feel for you big time! i once had a neighbor lie about me before too, it really hurt. and not only that, but its annoying. yea i agree with other person. i would try to dig up dirt on them, im sure they arent perfect. also, ignore them, im sure u guys have family friends and such, id invite anyone and everyone u knew over for dinner and get really loud and have fun!

Anonymous said...

Well, a DUI is pretty bad. That's like the worst kind of irresponsibility. But it's definitely no reason to shun a person. That's like, a separate issue from other stuff. You know: hate the sin, not the sinner. You don't have to be Christian to see the sense in that. (I'm not.) That lady was a real bitch to criminalize him to the whole neighborhood.