Sunday, August 23, 2009

Rose writes:

I have been living my apartment for 3 years and I have had the same idiot living next to me the whole entire time. Unfortunately I live in NYC and this not a great time to move as I don't have enough money saved up to buy a condo.

This fool has no understanding that people do work for a living because of course he does not. My management company (Community Access) takes in homeless, many with mental disorders and drug addicts into all of their buildings; basically all of these types because they want to collect sure fire government checks. I have sent multiple letters to the management and all possible governing bodies in NYC and cannot get relief. The management will not move him to another apartment in another building. They actually suggested I be the one to move. I am the one who works and does not make any noise!!! I have tried to have a mediation but he refused to participate. At this point I am fed up and began posting my annoyance on twitter and any other site that may prevent me from going upside this idiots head.

Just needed to blow off steam. Thank you for reading.

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