Wednesday, September 30, 2009


A new study conducted in the U.K. suggests problems with "bad neighbours" have increased by 30% over the past two years. Results of the survey of over 1,000 people indicated at at least 1 in 5 indicated they had been involved in "serious" conflicts with their neighbours. More details of the survey are available at BBC News.

The real question is are neighbours really getting worse, or are we getting less tolerant?


Trick said...

I live in Orange County, CA. I used to live in L.A. Strangely, it was quieter there. Neighbors are getting worse. Seems in the past decade the noise factor has been going up here. Police can not, or won't, investigate noise complaints in the town where I live unless the complainant doesn't ask the neighbor first to turn it down. Try doing that if someone's having a party. There are a lot of ignorant people who say live and let live, but if they were the ones sleeping during the day and someone else were blasting their music, you know damn well they'd be the first to complain. A lot of people blame it on race, but I think at the root of it, it's the result of a false sense of entitlement. Case in point: we have a church about two blocks away that's playing music so loud today that I thought it was the neighbors across the street again. So there you go.

Ca1v1n said...

That sounds horrible Trick. It is like the police are telling folks they need to confront a drunken idiot at a party themselves before they would get involved. That would be dangerous enough in Canada or the U.K. but throw in that chance someone in the USA is carrying a handgun...

A very sobering thought.