Wednesday, April 07, 2010


I want one of these just so I can put it in my front garden. Just another example of the Nanny State in action. It is not that I want to purposely offend anyone who probably deserves to be offended, I just think it would be cool. The real question is since when do we base our standards of morality on the stupidest members of society? Is this really offensive? I am far more offended that someone would consider it offensive and even more offended that someone in a position of authority would take the complaint seriously.

When I was a student my future wife worked at a little art gallery in Toronto for a time and the owner had a huge painting by the famous Canadian artist Norval Morrisseau in his shop. He kept it behind a wall so you couldn't see it from the street just in case anyone would be offended. If that painting wasn't selling for thousands of dollars I would so have bought it on the spot. I still hope to own it one day if I ever win the lottery. I can't find a digital image of this specific Morrisseau work anywhere so just imagine something in his style except of a giant penis.


xoggoth said...

Rather like those. Not heard of him before.

Giger's erotic stuff is good too.

Ca1v1n said...

Giger is awesome. I have that old Dead Kennedys album that is famous more for the Giger poster then the music itself.

Anonymous said...

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Apartment522 said...

I don't hardly know them, and I don't like them. Are they single? Are they married? Are they living together? That last one throws me. Where are they? What are they doing? Do they work? Don't they work? What a deal.