Saturday, March 12, 2011


It will be a sad day in Canada when Street Hockey is made illegal. Therefore kudos should go David Sasson who took the fight over a $75 fine imposed against his kids for a street hockey game to court. While he was victorious the law remains on the books. Unfortunately this is just another example of the 'Nanny State' mentality that has taken over so many aspects of our lives. The playgrounds that I used as a child have been deemed unsafe and bulldozed to make way for ugly plastic lumps with rounded corners... and we wonder why our children now resemble those same structures... plastic, lumpy and round.

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Anonymous said...

Before I moved, I had neighbours (I'm from Canada) who played hockey on the street. The problem is not all kids are decent. Some don't care if the puck hits your car and dents it, some don't care to move out of the way if you have to drive on the road..etc. Kids are different nowadays. Swearing..etc

Can't the kids play hockey at a local park? Or playground at school? Or an ice rink (lots of those around in Canada).