Saturday, April 02, 2011


I stumbled across an interesting article from an Australian newspaper today about large suburban homes being converted into backpackers hostels and the subsequent complaints from neighbours about endless parties, noise and filth. This issue has some striking similarities to the stories out of many large cities of what happens in the neighbourhoods immediately surrounding Universities and Colleges where often large homes are converted to student apartments. That being said even at the most notorious 'party schools' the students do settle down to study sometimes and I don't recall hearing about any stories where 32 people were living in a house with only two toilets.

Good news for sick pedophiles in Canada. It is still illegal to kill you in a rage of vigilante justice. Word of advice however is to not let your neighbour borrow your computer.

Finally, next time you are fuming about finding dog poop on your lawn courtesy of a neighbour's canine just be happy you don't live in rural Mississippi.


Anonymous said...

I have a stupid neighbor now, complaining about my dog that barks. My dog only parks when my stupid neighbor is on the other side of the fence harassing him and talking crap to my dog. The stupid neighbor throws his kids's ball into the fence from the other side just to make him bark, wth does he expect a dog to do...FREAKIN IDIOT!!

Samantha said...

I hate my freaking neighbor! He is the most immature asshole I've ever known! He comes over everyday, like he lives here or something, and he copies every FUCKING thing I do! DAMN, I HATE HIM!

Anonymous said...

I also have a stupid neighbor too. She moves in with her boyfriend and their 6 kids, thinks I'm going to take him away from her (just because I say Hi to both of them), gives me nasty looks, stares and glares at me while standing at the foot of her driveway, tosses her dude out 4 years later, still stares and gives me nasty looks yet cries to the other neighbor about how I'm the devil and everybody, to include the toothfairy has done her wrong. The saying "Every village has it's idiot" is spot on.

Anonymous said...

neighbours from hell here in London, UK. 'Chavs' we call them. Mostly old battle-axe types and nasty old men that all resemble dogs eating wasps - the loveliness is endless. Seriously we've had a lot fo murder and suicide from hate crimes of this nature, right here in the heart of London, England - close to the Royals too, lots are too terrified to open their doors. Shouting and verbal abuse is worse than ever - I think there's a lot of paranoia - they don't trust people with computers is for sure. Nice blog, cheers

hayeto said...

I really hate my neighbor!!!!!

tnesla said...

had to file a witness report at the local police just yesterday since the neighbor in the next building physically assaulted a young woman & her dog (kicking them both numerous times) under day light because "dog pee & poo ruins the tress in front of the apartment building". trying to intervene from my balcony on the 4th floor, I happened to have my share from his threats and insults as well. the apartment I live in is part of a 4-building coop. full with 70+ retired nut-jobs with nothing better to do than go fascist on everyone else just because they think having wasted more oxygen on the planet gives them the right to do so.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

My neighbor is an idiot...he has a German surname (Metzler, or Metzer...doesn't matter), but he's from Russia, and he plays music loud at 11.30 p.m.!
He's probably a repressed psycopath...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

They now have DNA tests that can find out which dog did his bidness on your lawn. A much more civil way to settle disputes, eh? "Your honour, I'd like to allow into evidence exhibit "A"."

Anonymous said...

BTW, can someone who isn't a teary eyes sentimentalist who thinks their pet "loves" them explain to me how "owning" an animal is not some effed up form of slavery?

Anonymous said...

Dogs as slaves Hmm..... lets see
My dog gets fed everyday, has jobs to do - bark if someone knocks at the door, eat food I drop (perk or job?), attack wild animals that may invade.

He has a full health plan, free food and board. His own couch.

I take him places for exercise, to visit his doggie friends at the park and such.

This dog is more like an unemployed brother-in-law than a slave.

Hell I have horses too, food, shelter, health care and travel in exchange for 2 hours of work a week doing what they like best and about 1 hour a week of crap they hate.

The only animals that are in any form of slavery are seeing eye dogs. They never get a day off, have to work 16 hour days for fewer benefits than my dog.

Anonymous said...

Stupid neighbor "cure" openly video tape him teasing your dog. Then spray him with the hose (ONLY if he is RIGHT NEXT to the fence) Claim it was an accident.

Anonymous said...

My neighbour is evil - he pumps his septic tank onto my property - the local governmant says that they cannot stop him or do anything about it, I have complained for 8 years & each time the coucil comes to my property they agree that he is doing it & speak to him & then all action by the council to curtain his behaviour stops & all my complaints dissappear off the council files - my neighbor is a drug dealer.
That is justice south australian style, crime always pays.

Anonymous said...

I HATE my neighbour. hate her with a passion

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