Saturday, November 16, 2002

Digging Postholes

At the beginning of the summer my neighbour decided he was going to build a fence to separate his front yard from his neighbour to the left (my house is on the right). He spent an entire day out in his front yard digging holes. When he finally finished that evening he had a row of about a 1/2 dozen post holes right down the dividing line between his front yard and the house to his left. That was five months ago. He has yet to move on to the next stage and actually build the fence, but he sure does have a nice bunch of holes. After a few weeks had gone by I thought, well I guess he is a busy guy. Now, five months later I'm thinking he gave up on the whole fence plan. I'm just waiting for the fall leaves or winter snow to cover them up and then either the mailman or some neighbourhood kid can trip and hurt themselves.

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