Sunday, November 17, 2002

The Carport

I live in a neighbourhood of small lots. There is just enough space between houses for a path, and you access your garage using the back alley. Not everyone has a garage, some people (like my neighbour) just have gravel on the back 1/3 section of their yard designated for parking their cars. Since my neighbour is an idiot he decided the 50 feet between this spot and his back door was just too far to walk. He started driving his car right thru his backyard and parking it a few inches from the back door of his house. Let me tell you, this did wonders for his lawn during the summer! Last night we had our first snowstorm of the season, but it wasn't very cold and it quickly melted. I was in the kitchen this morning making coffee and looked out the back window to see him spinning his wheels as he struggled to get his car unstuck from where it had sunk into his backyard. After about an hour of shoveling and having his tires dig some nice deep grooves into what is left of the lawn he managed to back out into the alley. Later I noticed he has returned to parking the car at the back of his lot.

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