Monday, November 18, 2002

Household Appliances
My neighbour bought himself a new stove on the weekend. I know this because he dragged his old stove out front and left it by the road. If my neighbour wasn't such an idiot I wouldn't worry about this eyesore. After all, the city does pickup any household appliances that require disposal. However, this is not done as part of the regular garbage pickup, you need to call a special phone number. Its not like this number is a secret or anything, as I recall it was printed on that same letter informing our street about the change in garbage day. The letter that was sent out in 7 languages. The letter my stupid neighbour obviously didn't read because he still puts his garbage out on Monday night instead of Tuesday. I was looking forward to gazing out my front window at the old stove for the next few weeks, but something else happened instead. As I was walking my dog late last night I noticed a neighbour from across the street dragging the stove into his garage. He is an old guy, very much a handyman, and always tinkering on something. He must realize my neighbour is stupid as well, and thinks the stove only needs a new fuse or something equally easy to fix.

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