Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Recycle Dammit!

I've already complained about the garbage, so now I'm going to complain about his recycling. Personally I don't care if you recycle or not, after all its a free country and your free to be an idiot. However the city cares, and will not pick up trash that contains obvious recycleables. Every two weeks the recycling truck makes its rounds, and they have a few rules. Bottles and cans should be rinsed out, cardboard boxes should be broken down flat, and newspaper bundled. Pretty simple really. My neighbour just throws out his recycling every week instead of on the designated day. The city is pretty picky and if they see a pile of cardboard on your lawn and its not recycling pickup day they won't toss it in with the regular garbage, they just leave it behind. So you can image how nice it is to look out my front window at a pile of empty cans, newspapers, and cardboard boxes for an entire week. It wouldn't be so bad if when he realized it was not recycling day he retrieved the stuff from his front lawn, but instead he leaves it there until the next Wednesday. You would think he might catch on, perhaps look around at all the other houses on the street and notice when the rest of us do it. Its not a matter of language, the majority of people on my street do not speak english and they seem to have no problems. Even if it was language the city is very good about sending every notice in many different languages, including Spanish, which I have heard him speak to his wife and kids. Its just a matter of stupidity.

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