Thursday, November 21, 2002

Filthy Children

I like children. Really I do. I have one myself and plan on having more. However, there are two kinds of children in this world. Your own... and everyone elses. My idiot neighbour has a bunch of idiot children. Its not their fault, its probably genetic. Either way, here is a true story. I was enjoying a beer in my backyard earlier in the summer. I had a few friends over and we were going to fire up the BBQ and enjoy the nice weather. The neighbours children were playing in their backyard, when suddenly the youngest one (who is about 5 years old) drops his pants and starts urinating on their lawn. Now I understand the child is young, and probaby had to go real bad, but it still gave me a bit of a shock. To be honest I didn't think much about it, until a few weeks later when I was once again sitting in my backyard having a beer. The neighbours back patio door opened and standing in the doorway was the little kid again, who proceded to urinate on their back deck. He then retreated back into the house and closed the door. This seemed a bit strange, but considering all the wierd things my neighbours do I really didn't think much of it. I thought that perhaps they only have one bathroom and one of his brothers or sisters were using it. The final straw came the next weekend, when I saw the stupid neighbour open the back door for his child and while standing right next to him watched as he pissed all over their back porch again, then closed the door when he finished. Now I'm thinking, what are the chances that their bathroom is occupied whenever the kid needs to piss, and what are the chances they are just a family of filthy idiots?

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